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Kopi Daong Bogor : A Coffee Shop With an Atmosphere in the Middle of a Pine Forest

Karogaul.com - Kopi Daong is a restaurant and eating place located withinside the center of a lovely pine woodland. It is placed now no longer handiest withinside the middle of Bogor City and the Puncak zone, however withinside the Ciawi vicinity, so the site visitors is friendlier. Interested in having espresso at nightfall there? But remember, maintain bodily distancing!

Dragon Coffee
Address: Pancawati, Kec. Caringin, Bogor, West Java 16730
Operating Hours: 09.00 – 20.00
Tel: 0878 3506 7370 / 0897 2020 213Photo thru adoelsohib

Daong Coffee Tourism Activities

Not handiest shops, there also are traveler points of interest close to Kopi Daong that have thrilling rides that travelers can try. So, Moms and Dads and the Little One can revel in time together.

1. Viewpoint

Friends and own circle of relatives who love images and actively replace on social media, this Gardu Pandang may be a incredible picturegraph spot if you want to visit. Why? Because this vicinity has a captivating mini palace belongings that may be used to picturegraph your infant the usage of the subject of a prince or girl.

2. Flying Tapestry

A little difficult as compared to the Pandang Pandang, the flying tapestry spot in this Kopi Daong Bogor excursion makes pals, own circle of relatives, and your infant sense as though they're withinside the air. You appear to be placed at a top above the carpet this is flying among the pine timber with a wide ranging view of the woodland as a historical past that appears pretty broad.

3. Skybikes

Still riding adrenaline, the Skybike at the Kopi Daong Bogor excursion is likewise a laugh to try. This car makes pals and own circle of relatives trip bicycles at a top with a totally lovely herbal landscape as a historical past. There's no want to be afraid, for using a skybike, protection has been hooked up for folks that need to apply it. It's simply that when you have acrophobia, pals or own circle of relatives may be glad through taking images of it.

The Origin of Bogor Daong Coffee

The proprietor of Kopi Daong Bogor is a a success entrepreneur, named Alex Benyamin. He is the proprietor of the Santa Monica Group. The call of the espresso 'Daong' is really taken from the word 'Leaf'. Daong is taken from the Manado language, due to the fact Alex himself is descended from Manado.

Kopi Daong became formally opened on April 10 2019. The outside idea on this pine woodland vicinity is some thing unique, wherein nuances like right here are very difficult to discover in massive towns like Jakarta. This is a positive strong point in addition to a bonus that may be a extraordinary feature of Kopi Daong Pancawati.

Pic. Kopi Daong Bogor

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