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Taman Limo Jatiwangi Bekasi : Serving Culinary Tourism and Natural Beauty

Karogaul.com - Bekasi Regency presently has a brand new traveler enchantment, particularly the Jatiwangi Limo Courtyard that's placed in Jatiwangi Village - West Cikarang. The area is adjoining to the MM2100 commercial place place. This traveler enchantment commenced working due to the fact that July 2017 closing year, pals. Due to the shortage of traveler sights withinside the Bekasi place, the appearance of Limo Park is capable of appeal to the eye of nearby citizens and additionally from different regions. They arrived with the own circle of relatives for an outing.

There isn't anyt any rate to go into this park, most effective for parking security. According to the West Cikarang resident figure, Anwar Musyadad, the Jatiwangi limo backyard changed into fashioned with the aid of using self-assist citizens, "This park changed into fashioned on the initiative of the Head of Jatiwangi Village, Supported with the aid of using all factors of Jatiwangi Village citizens.

Taman Limo Jatiwangi Bekasi 

In Jatiwangi Limo Park, the traveler items that we are able to locate encompass lakes, fish ponds, huts, kid's recreation rides, numerous culinary delights, and additionally an leisure stage. The centers are pretty entire due to the fact there are numerous kid's video games along with ball baths, swings and others. What's more, there may be additionally a unique region for fowl contests, slang pals.

Tourists who come to this web page appear to in reality experience taking walks across the Limo Park that's made from bamboo whilst every so often protecting a mobileular telecellsmartphone to take selfies with pals. Taman Limo does certainly provide lovely perspectives which are appropriate for spot pictures. Because in this web page there also are vegetation that refresh the attention and appealing colourful buildings.

Taman Limo Jatiwangi Bekasi 

At this time Limo Park does now no longer rate an access rate, alias it is free, we most effective pay for parking. Motor 2,000 in any other case automobile 5,000.

1. Nature Tourism
The foremost enchantment of Taman Limo Jatiwangi Bekasi is its herbal tourism providing which presents a secure environment to unwind, particularly for individuals who stay in massive towns. Bekasi is one of the massive towns in West Java, and is near the capital city, Jakarta. The area of Jatiwangi Limo Park may be very strategic, and really secure for individuals who need to experience the inexperienced herbal environment of the countryside, pals.

The life of the Limo Park zone, and numerous different flora and trees, maintains to feature to the calm environment withinside the warm climate of Bekasi. The life of a lake in Jatiwangi Limo Park maintains to sell the pleasures of traveling, particularly with your loved one own circle of relatives, pals, socialites.

2. Culinary Tourism
The subsequent foremost enchantment of Taman Limo Jatiwangi is its culinary tourism providing. There isn't anyt any want to doubt the taste, plus a entire variety of culinary delights from mild food to heavy food.

Favorite culinary at Taman` Limo Jatiwangi is the fish menu dish, that's sprinkled with spices and unique chili sauce. It would not give up there, the environment is likewise very secure, due to the fact the eating place is placed above the lake, pals gaul.

3. Family Tourism
The closing enchantment of the Jatiwangi Limo Park is a own circle of relatives tourism providing, as evidenced with the aid of using the life of numerous rides. Sort of:

::Flying fox
::Water Rickshaw
::Play Playing Ground
::Lots of Selfie Spots

Such is the short overview of "Taman Limo Jatiwangi Bekasi: Asri and Beautiful Tourism with Stunning Natural Enchantment" Are you slang going to go to this weekend at this traveler spot this is presently hitting Bekasi? satisfied holidays.