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Kampoeng Ciherang Bandung : Fascinated by the Swimming Pool and Instagenic View Around It

Karogaul.com - Tired of your daily routine, but confused where to go on vacation? Can visit Ciherang Village. This one destination offers enchanting natural attractions with pine forests around it. This tourist area has a variety of rides or excitement that we can do to fill our vacation time. Kampoeng Ciherang Tourism is located in Sumedang, approximately 1.5 hours from the center of Bandung City. Can be a fun holiday alternative, one and closer to nature.

Location of Kampoeng Ciherang.

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Travelers who want to enjoy a weekend getaway to this place. As for the location, the Wana Kampung Ciherang tourist attraction is located in Cijambu Village, Tanjungsari District, Sumedang Regency, West Java. If you have difficulty getting a tourist route to this Wana Kampung Ciherang tourist destination. Don't worry, try accessing the map of the Wana Kampung Ciherang tourist destination below for reference on vacation.

Ciherang Kampoeng Entrance Ticket.

Enjoying the coolness of nature and various tourist activities in this village, visitors are charged an entrance ticket which is quite cheap. The ticket price offered is quite affordable.

::Entrance ticket IDR 20,000
::Canal Entrance Ticket (Entrance Ticket + All Rides) IDR 40,000

Ciherang Village Tourism

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Kampoeng Ciherang tourism is a nature tour located in the Sumedang Responsibly West area. This tourist spot offers natural activities supported by complete facilities. For example, there are flying foxes, hammocks, flying bikes, horse tours and so on. The location itself is in a pine grove with a clean and beautiful environment.

The beautiful atmosphere of Kampoeng Ciherang tourist attractions makes visitors feel at home for a long time. Abundant water, cool air and lots of it, making your children's vacation very lively. The activities carried out are also very fun, besides that for photo spot hunters, this place provides interesting spots ranging from natural and artificial ones.

Swimming pool.

pic sc.instagram/@febrianto_17

Among the many rides, it feels like this one ride you shouldn't miss while on vacation to this place. This swimming pool is an icon that makes this tourist spot even more attractive for every tourist visitor. The shape of the pool is very unique and very instagramable, where the pool is in the form of spheres that are continuous with each other. It will make you not regret coming on vacation to this tourist area.

The pool water comes from a spring which flows directly through a water pipe, so the water that is presented is very clean. You will feel the sensation of swimming in a unique and clear pool surrounded by amazing natural beauty. For those who are not familiar with the water, will feel the cold water of this pool. Even so, if you are used to it, you won't feel the cold water anymore. In addition, the pool was made not too deep, so that children are safe when playing in the pool. However, there must still be adult supervision.

Kampoeng Ciherang Tourism Spot.

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When you visit the Kampoeng Ciherang tourist attraction with loved ones, there are many exciting activities that a traveler can explore.

In addition to enjoying the natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere typical of the mountains from Kampoeng Ciherang or camping and swimming in the pool which we have previously discussed above. Many interesting spots are ready to spoil a traveler's holiday activities when traveling to Kampoeng Ciherang, West Java, such as:

pic sc.instagram/@yuliyunita066

* Hunt for instagenic photos by exploring spots and cute angles from Kampoeng Ciherang Tourism
* Play various kinds of interesting games with loved ones, such as duck boats, row boats, mini rafting, etc
* Swim in the pool
* Exciting camping and fun outbound.
* Nature tracking and much more.

Facilities at Kampoeng Ciherang.

Enjoy exciting activities by exploring the best spots supported by a variety of Kampoeng Ciherang tourist facilities such as:

* Large parking area
* Mosque
* Toilet
* Food and beverage stalls
* Selfie spots
* Gazebo or simple huts
* Camping Grounds
* Swimming pool

Kampoeng Ciherang Operational Hours.

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Visitors can come and play in the Ciherang tourist area from morning to evening. This tourist village has been opened from 08.00 WIB - 17.00 WIB

This is a review of information about Kampoeng Ciherang Tourism, a tourist spot that is being hit in Sumedang, Bandung. Hope it is useful.